​I never thought I would find myself struggling to drink less. 

I am just a Yogi from Akron who found herself in need of some serious clarity when the routine of coming home and having a few glasses to relax turned into the whole bottle way too often.

I loved my wine. I  looked forward to pouring the first glass after a long day to wind it all down. I believed I was experiencing life to the fullest, down to my newest favorite glass. It was an essential part of the life I had achieved and earned. 

I know what empty, raw and a little messy feels like.

Sometimes my wine was just what I needed to chill out from a mentally challenging day or interaction. (insert, co-worker, boss, parent, spouse , friend, etc)


This life I built became an exhaustive cycle of wanting to drink less but believing I would feel deprived without it. For year’s the inner dialogue went something like, “stop trying to be so perfect, loosen up. It's just wine. It's not like you wake up needing a drink. It's not that bad…” 

What was bad?  The consistent 4 am wake up and the “I did it again”, dread and shame. The hangovers, the missed moments and the I really messed that up recall moments. 

If you are feeling raw, empty and messy in life with alcohol, you don't need to stay stuck there. I know what you are going through and how hard the cycle rut is. No juice cleanse, exercise trend, or any other thing you dive yourself into is going to beat this out of you. Trust me, I tried those too.

The fact is Alcohol is addictive. Alcoholics do not become addicted to alcohol. Human beings do.

 NO, YOU ARE NOT powerless!


 I will coach you by using empowering strategies that can help you drink less or quit.

It turns out why we drink is not the problem; it is the answer.

If you want to change your drinking habits patterns,

the WHY is the solution to drink less or not at all. 

My drinking habits changed when I connected to what was behind my desire to drink. It was the beginning of the end to years of the monkey mind struggle.

The approach that worked for me does not rely on will power.  It is an empowering and effective attitude towards your choices for alcohol. You will learn and apply the same methods as I did - to your own life.  You will learn to work with your brain instead of against it.

You can power up over your wine, beer, martini et all.

This strategy changed


I can teach you how!

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