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Imagine being Empowered by Rest

Welcome!  You're invited along on this journey with me. I spent my whole life going, doing, and achieving and I certainly haven't gotten it all figured out but, gentleness has been a HUGE lesson for me. Resilience is so much deeper than what we do, but "doing" is a safe and expected path. Redefining our worth by who we are, not by what we do is a courageous journey. Empowering ourselves with rest, and navigating our lives as rested women, untethers our self-worth from our doing to our beingness. I  am here to support you to discover your own version of rested life. Each offering is a space for inquiry into the treasures and gifts of resting.  

Let's live into this question together- Pamela

My specialized Rest offerings

Reset Your Digestion System

Establish Eating Habits

What is Rest?

Discover why it's more than just laying down

Group Soul

Empowering Rest Online Community

Personalized Nutrition Plan


Sculpting a Rested Life Togetheer

Two gatherings per month- attend live or listen later

Part Circle time, Part Yoga Nidra Resting

24/7/365 access to the Community Member Yoga Nidra audios. Choose from

Short 5-10 minute guided rest practices

3 part, 40 day Yoga Nidra meditations

Gentle intentional movement practices with Pamela 

$17 month

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1:1 Life Coaching with Custom Yoga Nidra Mediations

Mindset Coaching & Guided Yoga Nidra

60 -75 minute sessions meeting you where you are. 

Weekly or Biweekly options depending on availability.

3-month commitment

Your own personal Yoga Nidra recordings to practice with plus access to the Exploring Rest Community audios & videos.

$115 per session


Group Experience

Weekly gatherings- Attend Live or listen later

Monday at 11am or Wednesday at 6pm 

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