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Stories of Alchemy

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Who Are We

Excerpt from the book:

In the spring of 2018. I gave up my daily evening wine habit. I was a wine o’clock yoga teacher who fully bought into the state-of-mind-marketing of “I earned it and deserved it.” Raised in an everything-in-life-is-better-with-alcohol environment, the end of a long workday was greeted by the cocktail hour. Societal norms show us this is the way. Alcohol is congruent with all events: celebrations, vacations, and funerals. The worth of our experience is often measured by the label, complexity, or perceived sophistication of the liquor or wine that’s provided or that we purchase.  It’s what we do as refined, cultured people. We drink. We drink to be happy, to celebrate and cheer on every new thing, honoring our achievements. We drink when we are sad, to avoid feeling. We drink to pretend, so we are funny and confident or to dodge what we really want to say or feel.

I integrated and elevated alcohol into my life. It defined who I was.  A wine taster, a wine lover, and an occasional scotch and tequila sipper. Drinking was essential for a party and for a rough day. When I was 51, I was drinking a bottle of wine a night; and more on the weekends. I was fully functioning but yet, I didn't like who I had become and was ashamed that I got to a place where I felt deprived without my wine. “Who are you?” I would think when looking at myself in the mirror. “How did I get here?” came next.

To read the whole story, you can purchase the book on Amazon or ask me for one the next time you see me. 

Thirteen unique individuals share intimate glimpses into their lives with stories of triumph as they turned their pain into purpose. These stories will inspire and empower you to find meaning in your own life. The book masterfully includes running commentary that ties each story together while imparting on the reader's spiritual truths and lessons that can unlock one's greatest potential!

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