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"Alcohol is ingrained in the way most of us imagine a life lived to its fullest. We have earned it. We deserve it. That's what I thought too until I was ready to do the work for a new normal "

And then there is the science. Artificially stimulating ourselves depletes our natural ability to feel. The more we artificially stimulate, the less life we feel. We are training our brains to feel less. That means the things that used to make you happy doesn't do it for you anymore. That is a buzz kill. 


See, your brain loves the sensory hit but your body knows and keeps the score. We deplete ourselves. We lower our energy levels and our vibration. We channel ourselves into survival mode and we forget was thriving feels like and looks like.

We are always doing the best we can with the tools that we have been given. That is what I was doing. My life was not in shambles. I had no rock bottom, but I also had NO idea that changing my desire and need to drink would so profoundly affect my life as it has.


I want to share that with you.

The study of thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that hold us back empowers us. 

Once our coaching is complete you will have the opportunity to choose to stay alcohol free or not.

Ultimately that is up to you to choose.

Either way, I will be there as continued support and/or inspiration.

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