TrueBlueSoul Coaching supports women who want to discover clarity and courage through self study.

The world needs you. 100% of you. 


Inside each offering, we will talk about real stuff.  Week by week, step by step you will uncover, rewire and release your habitual thinking and your desire for drinking alcohol.


Artificially stimulating ourselves depletes our natural ability to feel. The more we artificially stimulate, the less life we feel. We are training our brains to feel less. That means ALL the little things that used to make you happy just don't do it for you anymore.


While our brain loves the sensory hit we deplete ourselves. We lower our energy levels and our vibration, tunneling ourselves into survival mode. We forget what thriving feels and looks like.

You are always doing the best you can with the tools that you have been given. That is what I was doing. My life was not in shambles. I had no rock bottom, but I also had NO idea that changing my desire and need to drink would so profoundly affect my life as it has.


I want to share that with you - Pamela

Certified Naked Mind Coach, Certified Gray Area Drinking Coach & Yoga Instructor. 

Personal & Private

6 week Rethinking Alcohol with

One on One Coaching Support

Individualized self study includes weekly 1 coaching sessions (45-60 min zoom call) & mid week 30 minute check in. Alcohol free living is a learning to living process that requires curiosity, patience, courage and action. 

Ongoing Availability

Exchange: $1000

When we live without the desire for alcohol

-we shift -

There is more to explore, feel, learn and discover about you.

The seed you have planted needs watered and nurtured. 



Personal & Private

30 day Meditation Mentorship

Weekly One on One online Zoom Call Coaching sessions. Personalized materials for you to learn all you need to begin a meditation practice or deepen the one you have. 

Personal & Private

5 week Think, Eat, Sleep, Love & Live like a Yogi

Weekly One on One online Zoom Call Coaching sessions. Personalized fun materials for awareness, clarity & strength.  

Personal & Private

Neuroscience Nutrition session


Personal & Private

4 week Heart, Mind, Body & Soul Coaching

Weekly One on One online Zoom Call Coaching sessions. Personalized materials to explore and strengthen the voices of your heart, mind, body and soul. Rediscover your inner guides. 

Personal & Private

7  Week Chakra Inquiry

Weekly One on One online Zoom Call Coaching sessions. Personalized materials for your journey through the Chakra's. 


” I have been doing yoga and self-inquiry exercises for years and I can truly say that the Pamela's series that supported my break from Alcohol was the most eye-opening, thought-provoking and life-changing workshop I have ever participated in. Pamela was a passionate and knowledgeable facilitator, and the fearlessness and vulnerability she displayed in sharing her own story gave me the courage to be honest with myself about my own struggles. If you want to learn tools to get out of your rut of habitual drinking (and habitual thinking!) follow her lead. “


" I have been a slave to my wine for a better part of 25 years. I tried giving it up several times for thirty days but always just looked forward to being able to drink again. I believe everything happens for a reason. I was sick of feeling like crap and I was turning 50 this year. I came back to Yoga and "BAM" I see your offering!! - So the star's aligned and now I have changed my life, Thank You Pamela. "


I've taken a sober January for 5+ years now just on my own, to help detox from the holidays and for my health.  I have never had such a thought provoking experience as with Pamela's offering.  There was no pressure, as we supported each other and realized that each and everyone of us really felt the exact same way at some point in our lives. 


Thank you for taking the time to learn about my offerings. I am convinced that all of my education and life experiences were in preparation for the healing and empowerment of like-minded women. It's time to find all that you need - inside of you. 

I look forward to getting to know you better. Please reach out with any questions. 

Namaste- Pamela

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