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Pamela Pemberton Price

Do you want to take better care of yourself?

Heart Shape

I do too. My go-do achieve-grab-it-perform-nail-it-you go girl
rinse & repeat lifestyle burned me out.

And let's be honest-

"I am really busy and I don't have enough time"

is the accepted norm



Pamela Pemberton Price

Are you interested in a new normal? 

If you said Yes, you are in the right place. Welcome. I am Pamela. My "self-improvement" focused approach to bettering myself began in my 20's. I got really good at doing more and believed resilience was my middle name. I may have been physically resilient but I lacked mental, emotional, and spiritual resilience. I learned that intentionality, mindfulness, and rest make us fully resilient and feel even more alive. I began to do less and be more...ME.


100% me. 


I realized that Rest was something I only did to prepare for more awake opportunities. Evening's were a 2nd shift space of living and my "achieved days" awarded a well-earned glasses of wine. 


I've made two major changes to how I now live. I gave up my nightly wine and I embrace rest. 


They are the two best things I have ever done for my well-being. (NOT DOING). My well BE-ING. 

Are you ready to say
yes to your well-being?
Join me in living your YES.
Pamela Pemberton Price

Movement, Meditation

and Rest Practices

Pamela Price Jewelry

one of kind hand sterling silver adornments for your beautiful self

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