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Practices of coming back into the body as our home 

Relaxed self-awareness is restorative and healing. It "untangles" our nervous system deepening our resilience. The world encourages us to operate from our cognitive ability.

Practicing "BEING" broadens our bandwidth of grace and ease(less fear & reaction). 

why the "body" is it important to thriving.

  • Its grounds, anchors, and connect us to the now. This opens us to how we make sense, meaning, and respond vs react to life.

  • We can accurately sense our feelings. Recognizing and being with the biology of a feeling vs getting stuck in the biography of it. We simply make better decisions.

  • It's a direct link to our own healing by accessing our Vagal tone zone.

How do we do it?

Restorative self-awareness practices. We begin with moments to chunks of time of non-doing that in time our doing becomes infused with beingness.

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