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Holiday Moxie - A plan to drink less over the holidays!

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

OH the Holidays! Some years I plan well and other years impulse buys get me through the required gift exchanges. A plan is my preferred approach. Setting aside time for thoughtful choices over last minute ones always feels better. When I do this, I get to feel anticipation and even a little excitement during the opening of a well-planned gift. That's way better then the apprehension and dread of the guessed or rushed gift.

If you want to drink less over the holidays - The best strategy is a plan. A no-loopholes and with a backup MOXIE plan. What is MOXIE?* Moxie describes someone with a fighting spirit. Someone who has MOXIE, won't let a minor setback stop them, because they are a determined type of person, who does not give up easily. I'll be honest, I did not consider myself a woman with much moxie until after I gave up alcohol altogether. But here is what I learned. Going into any situation with a fiercely positive mindset versus fear, dread, or feeling deprived, wins every time. E-V-E-R-Y T-I-M-E.

A MOXIE plan will help you "get over" yourself and the fear that you are going to miss out if you don't drink during the holidays. I know, I get it. Drinking and holiday festivities seem to go hand in hand. Here is the great news - You can drink. Yep, you can socialize with a drink in hand just like everyone else - it's just without the alcohol. This is a can-do-Moxie-plan.

If you intend to drink less, I've got some very simple and FUN steps to keep your sparkle toe holiday shoes dancing with a smile for any party or gathering you will attend. All it takes to begin is preparation and planning - just like the best gifts you give.

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