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Merry Christmas

It is a quiet Christmas morning. I am visiting my mom, its my favorite place to be on Christmas. Christmas is a pivotal holiday for me. Following so closely to the gratitude and refresh of Thanksgiving love and sharing. Breaking bread with our nearest and dearest, seeing and feeling the connected vibe at the yoga studio- fall still in the air sprinkled with just enough of winter to inspire a mental shift towards what is to come.

As a child,Christmas was filled with dozens of cousins, aunts, uncles, long tables of food, laughter, a visiting Santa(one of my uncles all dressed up), midnight mass, caroling and lots and lots of love. As the years roll by , Christmas becomes more and more simple but always filled with the gift of love.

See, love from others is a miracle in my book. Miracles and love keep showing up for me recently, so I decide to sit myself down and let the words roll out to share what’s been inspiring me. The root of the word miracle is "Mirari" which means to behold with rapt attention.* When we pause and stop struggling with the lack of what did not work out the way you had hoped, thought or wished- the miracle of what is possible, shines.

I recently needed to take one of these pauses. I was sidetracked with my feelings around what first felt like a giant shove on the playground. I let this get into my tissues and become struggling judgmental thoughts holding me prisoner to believing I am not liked or wanted. It seemed like the more I tried to figure it out, the smaller and more dis-empowered I felt. Yet, there was also something strong and resilient inside reminding me - no way- that’s just not right, keep going, there is a positive way to see this. There is a reason for it, you just haven’t gotten to realize it yet.

So I continued to think, write and meditate on it. I also had the opportunity to talk it out with my husband, my mom and a good friend who also happens to be a life coach. Each time, the doubting feelings lightened. Each person had a positive perspective to share. It is so healthy to share and exchange our life with others we know and trust. It helped me but ultimately the nitty-gritty of letting go of the negative thoughts and beliefs had to come from within me.

A few weeks ago, I signed up to Holly Whitaker’s 30 day mantra project that delivers a daily quote with personal insights that support it. This type of connection to the wise and empowered always inspire me. The past few years, I have connected to a few extraordinary inspiring people who have helped me get really clear about what makes me happy. Today the mantra was BELIEVE IN MIRACLES. The random perfection of this arriving in my inbox on Christmas morning brought a huge smile and the acknowledgment of yes, yes, yes, perfect, perfect, perfect.

As a gift to myself, I took the lingering "shoving" belief to paper again. I have been working it through what’s called the A.C.T technique developed by Annie Grace of This Naked Mind. It’s subliminal thinking meets Byron Katie’s “The Work” and it is a powerful tool that has helped me through some of the toughest limiting ideas I had about myself and my life.

It uses three progressing stages to recognize, address, release and then inspire moving on. It does not go around it. There is no switch on or off. It takes you right through it. Sometimes it reveals the vulnerable truth that is exactly what we need to see to the other side- the opposite of what we originally struggled with.

This revisit was exactly what I needed. My shove on the playground is now a door I am standing in front of and it is wide open. It took a while to get the courage to just reach for the door knob. I stared at the door for days trying to see through the other side. I thought it might open on its own, revealing some intriguing mystery I was overlooking.

The simple fact is this. This Christmas morning, I have been given the gift of choice. With eyes wide open courage and a hint of a smile I am no longer feeling shoved.

I am a commitment to paying attention to the magic that surrounds me today. I hope you will do the same. Let it inspire you to seek and see the magic when things seem un-magical. There is magic in all of us and in each moment. The power of your connection to see, feel and share is your very own magic wand. Bless this day and each day with your love, listening and rapt attention to it all.

Merry Christmas!

* Holly Whitaker; Day 24 The Mantra Project

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