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End of Summer RESET 

a 30 day break from alcohol with a community of like minded people

WHAT- A break from alcohol?  


These days, taking a month off from drinking is an accepted act of self-empowerment and wellness. It’s a great way to press the reset button on your health or take a break after a period of heavier than usual drinking-(pandemic)

You have never tried anything like the empowered living approach of

This Naked Mind


What if, instead of participating in a will power based "quit drinking" challenge you explore changing your opinions about alcohol from what you are missing out on to all that you are gaining? 


This Naked Mind’s LIVE Alcohol Experiment shows you how to interrupt habitual patterns and live healthier and happier without alcohol.

For only $47 dollars you will get all of this!

• 30 days of Video Training from Annie Grace and Scott Pinyard 

• 30 days of Virtual Coaching with This Naked Mind Certified Coaches in the private challenge Facebook group with recorded replays to watch when you can.

• The Alcohol Experiment Companion Journal 

• Access to the July PRIVATE Facebook community 

This is an Overall value of $1,000+ bucks. 

If you use the link below to sign up - I am offering FREE once a week LIVE or Recorded Yoga/Meditation/Breathwork classes and discounted ONE: ONE 45 minute laser coaching sessions with me.  

The top 3 outcomes of LIVE Alcohol Experiment participants experience are:

• Improved sleep

• Feeling happier

• Reduced anxiety


People will notice how fresh and healthy you look

No missed moments with your kids and loved ones

More brain space and wellness space for you

TAE_LIVE_Sept_Affiliate_Banner_1200x628 (1).png

Click the picture to begin your journey!
 This Naked Mind's
JULY 2021
30 day Alcohol Experiment.

Pamela's Additional Support Recommendation's

  • Lean into your Yoga Practice if you already have one.

  • Sign up before Sept 1st for the Pre-work and registration for my Yoga Classes.

  • Do all the prompts and journaling offered in the program(You will get the most out of your experience)

  • Interact/Engage with the group on the site's page

  • Show up to as many of the This Naked Minds' live and interactive Coaching call's as possible and type your questions into the chat right at the start.

  • Use my 1:1 discounted Laser Coaching Calls with me for additional support

Enrollment for this JULY 2021 LIVE Experiment is open now through July 1st at 6 pm.

yes I want the yoga too! 

Use the above picture link to sign up with This Naked Mind and then email your SAlcohol Experiment Registration confirmation to:


I will personally register you for access to my Live and Recorded Yoga, Meditation, and Breath weekly class and discounted 1:1 Laser Coaching Sessions

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