Changing our behavior is one to the hardest things any of us will ever try to do.

It's well researched and full of science


you need to find the right combo for you.

If you were told to NOT

Think, Feel

or Know.

What would your gut response be?  

Mine? HELL NO!

That would irritate me to no end and fire me up.  Yet, when we know and feel it's time for a change,

we avoid, numb and side track ourselves keeping us living in and with the same habitual patterns. 

Change is hard and so many of us approach change in ways that shift ourselves directly into a lack

mindset instead of what we will gain through an approach of awareness.

Trust me, your physical body does not need to change but your thoughts and beliefs do.

No amount of exercise, the latest approach to diet, juice cleanse or the next level of

a certification is going to prepare you for Shift your Sh#t kind of changes.

 This video will share WHY we make it so hard for ourselves to change. 

You will take what you think, feel and know to begin.