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Statement of Integrity

At the core of my practice lies a commitment to integrity rooted deeply in the authenticity of my own journey. From navigating the highs and lows of my career as both an artist and yoga instructor to confronting personal struggles, including unhealthy coping mechanisms like self-soothing with wine, I've embarked on a profound quest for emotional balance and holistic well-being.

Through this journey, I've come to understand the transformative power of embracing a life free from alcohol, enriching my health and relationships along the way. As a Certified Yoga Nidra Facilitator and Rest Coach, I advocate for practices that promote deep relaxation, stress reduction, and inner healing. My dedication to these practices extends beyond professional recommendation – they are integral to my daily life, alongside a diverse array of activities that nourish my mind, body, and soul, from strength training to writing, from owning a dog to immersing myself in nature.

As someone who has grappled with measuring worth through productivity and caretaking, I understand the journey toward self-worth and fulfillment on a deeply personal level. My commitment to leading by example is unwavering, as I embody the principles of alcohol-free living, mindfulness, and intentional self-care in every facet of my life.

I share my triumphs and vulnerabilities openly, creating a space of trust and authenticity where my clients become empowered to embrace exploring their own path of growth with self-compassion. 

Together, let us navigate the journey towards vibrant health, emotional balance, and realizing our highest potential.



-more about Pamela

I am glad you found me.

Having the opportunity to create with my hands is a gift and essential to my vibrant living. After collegiate study focused in the Fine Arts; an MFA from Louisiana State University and my BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art I began to teach and inspire students with a desire to create from their hearts and to discover not by playing it safe but with an earnest thirst for what's possible. 

I have been a working artist and creative professional for decades. My professional exhibitions include works in clay, printmaking, digital montage, clothing, and jewelry. Adornment has been my most recent exploration. Texturized sterling silver and raw or polished gems of color are the palette I am currently working with.


I got to spend a decade working and teaching among some of the most talented and inspiring people, who continue to inspire me with their ability to enlighten, embolden, and adorn our world. 

My fortunate opportunities within academic art communities were followed by a search for a space and place to begin a homestead of my own. At the time, I had some idea about what that looked like; the universe had other intentions for me. 

Becoming a Yoga Instructor transformed my inner dialogue and connection to my body, mind, heart, and soul. It's inspired me to create programs for others to practice and for other teachers to teach. I am an E-RYT500 and Yoga Nidra Meditation facilitator and Rest and Life Coach. 

TrueBlueSoul coaching was created after making the most potent lifestyle change yet. I gave up my desire and need for alcohol. True blue means unwavering in one's commitment or highly loyal. The soul is our spiritual humaneness, true essence, and source. The choice to experience 100% of life is both a seed and a catalyst to living into my core values of clarity and courage - and honestly, I am just better at all parts of life. Now, I coach and teach others how to live into to their values and potential.  

Everything I have done has prepared me for what's next. I know I am not even close to being done exploring or discovering. 

I hope that all my offerings support and inspire you.

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Pam, Pamela & PJ

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