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Imagine being Empowered by Rest

What is YOGA



(Nid - ra)

.....its a few things

  • It is a practice

  • It is a state of consciousness

  • It is a goddess

  • Its a 4th state of consciousness

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Guided sleep-based meditation technique

Usually, practiced lying down while listening to one person's voice guide your attention inwards. 

Profile of a woman with the cosmos as a brain. The scientific concept. The brain and creat

State of consciousness

Its Sleep with a Trace of Awareness


A Goddess

She is the Great Mother

The one who holds nurtures and supports


Her body is the fertile soil of the earth

Her spine a flowing river

Her heart filled with a sea of liquid diamonds

Her eyes deep pools into an endless void

Her breath is rose-colored light filling you with love

Her face is radiant like the full moon

She is waiting for you to surrender into her arms

So you might sleep while awake

Like the Divine child whose birthright is

deep rest, peace, and truth.

-Tracee Stanley

Om Symbol on the Beach

Deep Meditation"

It is neither wakefulness, dreaming, nor deep sleep. In reality, it exists in the junction between any of these three states, i.e. between waking and dreaming, between dreaming and deep sleep, and between deep sleep and waking.

Listen to Eckhart Tolle:

...........and of course a bit of science! 



Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation method of Pratyahara (withdrawal of senses). Sensing into and scanning the body encourages a state of relaxed consciousness, a space between wakefulness and sleep. At the start of Yoga Nidra, your brain is generally in an active state of beta waves. The progression of the meditation practice guides you into alpha state, the brain wave frequency that links conscious thought with the subconscious mind.

Serotonin is released in alpha state which encourages a transforming inner calm. As we continue to practice relaxing into stillness, fluctuations of the mind are released. Ease is sensed. Here a deep feeling of tranquillity and relaxation occurs.


As you follow the guide deeper into the practice, your brain emits delta waves, mimicking what happens when you enter a deep, restful sleep.


In a space of relaxation and awareness, subconscious thoughts can be accessed.  Repressed and unprocessed thoughts can loosen their hold, tension, and grip creating a new path of freedom and detachment from unhelpful habits and thought patterns.


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