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Cocktail Girl

Wondering if a break from alcohol would benefit you? Take this no-shame assessment to discover.


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Reducing Sugar Cravings when taking a break or giving up Alcohol

When I gave up my nightly wine, I had really strong sugar cravings. Dried Mango and Ice Cream were my go-to's. I am pretty sure I ate a football field's worth of dried mango before I discovered simple and effective support.


Juice Making

Rethinking wine- oclock

The regular after-work cocktail routine trains our body and brain to expect and want it



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Inspiring Favorites

An ongoing list. I love to read, learn and explore the written word. 

Video's & Article - picks

Why am I so passionate about living life without alcohol?
For so many reasons !!

I am healthier, happier, and have a life I don't want to escape from. 
Alcohol is toxic to our bodies. My body, your body. Everybody.

It's all about the money. Not our happiness.
I still get teary watching this video of a fellow coach in my training. She was an executive in the Alcohol Industry. She's tells it all. 

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