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Wellness Coach

The Practice

Simple and effective inspirational practices


Presented by Pamela "PJ" Price
Yogi, Rest Coach and Artist.

Our thoughts, perceptions and behaviors are grounded in and shaped by physical sensations, movements and experiences of the body. The Practice is just that. A practice of being in our bodies more fully, more present, one session at a time. 

"WHOLE"-istic experience to support YOU. 

What to expect

""The Practice" with Pamela is a true mind-body-spirit gentle movement based practice. I've never experienced anything like it. It has completely changed by life."

A. Young, MA

"I LOVE Pamela's gentle and soothing voice.  Her sequences of movements and breath always guide me deep into my body. The themes and messaging support my being present, calm and surprising more confident." 

M. James, GA

"A great experience of safe and relaxing breath and while being guided to observe my thoughts and move energy of my emotions." 

L. Driver, MI


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