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A six-week Daring to Rest Program that will

"shift your shit" at a whole new level. 

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Restore your Body
Restore your Voice
Take calm, confident Action


Give yourself the gift of learning how to be more and more empowered by rest

Is there a yearning inside of you to break the cycle of hustling for your worth? You want to feel healthy in you mind, your body, heart and spirit resist rest because....

You don’t have time
You don’t deserve it
You will get behind

There is too much to do
Rest is lazy

And yet, you want to reach your full radiant potential despite all the obstacles, which are REAL, so compassion and curiosity come first. 


Restful is not always about laying the body down, meditating, napping, or upping your self-care or sleep hygiene.


Empowering rest is about learning the power of an intentional pause and making the time to connect to yourself and others. 

During the six weeks of
NOURISH WOMAN you are invited to.....

  • Discovery the energetic frequency of rest in your body. 

  • Disrupt the well-behaved girl grind culture.

  • Locate your empowered voice and release the people-pleasing one

  • Gain permission from yourself to not do it all

  • Begin the process of letting go of your making everyone else happy jobs.

What if doing less, less often or not at all.....

Enjoying Sunset


Your journey to becoming more rested starts NOW-

DO YOU.....

Silently resent all the tasks on your to-do list?
Talk yourself out of self-care?
Focus on the needs of others?

Have an ongoing critical inner monologue?
Spend ubers of time thinking and planning ahead?
Feel the need to apologies or state clarifications?
​Loose sleep for solutions to daytime problems?
Sense distance from any higher power?

Feel consistent dissatisfaction or a need to control? 
Feel alone, detached, or isolated from others?
Get overwhelmed by noise or boisterous situations?

If you answered YES to any of these...
then doing less and being more will transform your life.

There are three empowering stages
to claiming a more restful life.

I: To Know
II: Speak
III: Act

The first stage is to know. I love the thought that when we know better, we can do better. It's not until we are aware that we can change. You may sense that something is off, or there is an inkling of something different, but you are not even sure what that might be. Discovering what you want is the very first step. That's where our coaching begins. Together, we uncover what's holding you in the patterns of doing, achieving, people pleasing, and no boundaries that make you exhausted or even on the edge of burnout.

The second stage grows naturally from a more rested you. Once we open the door to what's possible as you learn and begin to practice which active and passive rest practices you need the most- you will be more and more rested. A calm confidence begins to arrive, and it's from this space that you begin to nourish a "RESTED" voice. 



It's here, with your rested body and liberated voice, that you begin to fully emerge into a rested path. The energies of restful, calm, slower, less is more, non-hurried, grounded, confident, non-harming, present........all support your daily actions. Each day becomes a new opportunity to be more of you instead of doing more of you. 


This offering Includes:​​

  • Weekly 90-minute LIVE session of learning, inquiry, and guided rest.  

  • Recorded guided meditation audios to practice with

  • Tactics and Tools for creating a more restful life

2024 BONUS support!​

  • Weekly 60-minute LIVE Rest Reboot & Group Coaching Session

  • Membership to Private Nourished Woman Facebook Group

It turns out that including spaces of "REST" in our lives can feel difficult (myself included).  For me, being balanced was more challenging than being ambitiously busy busy busy. Luckily, I was guided into getting a taste of what balance felt like. I can't honestly say I would have opted to explore it on my own. But, all it took was a taste of it and WOW......what an incredible shift!. 


It's thought that when women find something that feels like medicine, they share it. I whole heartedly agree on this when it comes to REST and living Alcohol Free. I never thought I would lean into anything more empowering than dropping the bottle, but I have. Sculpting a more restful life has brought contentment and a calm confidence I busied myself aware from it. Well, not anymore. 

Being guided (by my teacher Karen Brody) to identify where I most needed nourishing was life-changing. It turned out that I needed the most time spent with good people. My ambitiously busy isolated me, and my body, heart, and mind needed human connection. I never considered being with people a form of "rest." See, not all rest is passive. Sometimes, like in my life, active rest is what we need.  So, I nourished myself by connecting with a few small groups of like-minded women and immediately felt happier, clearer, stronger, and more content. 

I needed a guide and a group of like-minded women to help me......

  • Get out of my way 

  • Begin trying to do things differently. 

Do you need a REST coach ? 

Hi! I am Pamela-

This signature offering will support you in going from people-pleasing-doing-it-all-busy-mode to calm, empowered, and content.

  • Rebuild trust in your inner wisdom and intuition

  • Rediscover your voice and ask for what you need and want

  • Create healthy resilience and a balanced nervous system. 

  • Discover the empowering force of active and passive rest practices.

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