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Restore your Body
Recover your Voice
Take calm, confident Action

Do you want to feel healthy and break the cycle of hustling for your worth?

Do you resist rest because....

You don’t have time
You don’t deserve it
You will get behind

There is too much to do
Rest is lazy

During the six weeks of NOURISH WOMAN, you will -

  • Experience simple and empowering ways to rest your body

  • Locate your empowered voice and release the people-pleasing one

  • Gain permission from yourself to not do it all

  • Begin to shed your making everyone else happy jobs

  • Unburden yourself from the well-behaved girl grind culture

Your journey to becoming more rested can start right NOW-

Enjoying Sunset

Nourished Woman shares simple and effective restful practices to care for yourself and others.

DO YOU?....

Talk yourself out of self-care?
Focus on the needs of others?
Silently resent all the tasks on your to-do list?

Have an ongoing critical inner monologue?
Spend ubers of time thinking and planning ahead?
Feel the need to apologies or state clarifications?
​Loose sleep for solutions to daytime problems?
Sense a distance from any higher power?

Feel consistent dissatisfaction or a need to control? 
Feel alone, detached, or isolated from others?
Get overwhelmed by noise or boisterous situations?

If you answered YES to any of these...
then doing less and being more will transform your life.

Hi! I am Pamela-

Making time and space for restful actions in our lives can be difficult. Creating balance and a nourishing way of living was more challenging for me than being ambitiously busy, busy, busy.

Because I come from a long line of ambitiously strong and caring women, I needed a guide and a group of like-minded women to help me change my ways. 

Do you need a guide and a group of like-minded women to support you?

Women Laughing on Beach

This signature REST coach offering will support your people-pleasing-doing-it-all-busy-mode self to shift into calm, empowered, and content.

Together, we will sculpt a more restful way of living and.....

  • Rebuild trust in your inner wisdom and intuition

  • Rediscover your voice and ask for what you need and want

  • Create healthy resilience and a balanced nervous system. 

  • Discover the empowering force of active and passive rest practices.


Weekly 90-minute LIVE session of learning, inquiry, and guided rest.   

Recorded guided meditation audios  (5, 15 and 30-minute lengths)

Tactics and Tools for creating a more restful life

2024 BONUS support!​

  • Weekly 60-minute LIVE Rest Reboot & Group Coaching Session

  • Membership to Private Nourished Woman Facebook Group

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