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This space is designed for you to see an overview of working with me.  Take your time. Each of us will have our own experience just like taking a walk in the woods. It's a journey to explore. 

At the end of a trail, we feel refreshed and changed- the terrain is not always easy. There are stages that feel like the hiking markers we happily pass and sometimes we unintentionally circle back around, having to walk the same path and a bit farther to get where we are going. It is all part of the journey.

Let's get started on the changes you are looking for. 


In order to get out of a cycle, we become aware without judgement.


This is the first step to lasting change that feels true in our bodies, minds and hearts. When I first decided to stop drinking my evening wine I gave myself rules, tactics to follow all pushed in with a dose of beating myself up. It did not work. Well, it kinda worked but for very short periods of time that I felt extremely deprived. 

So while it sounds counter intuitive- Stop trying to Stop. 

No more trying to control the behavior- will power is a short term approach.

When we allow ourselves space to explore the underlying thoughts and emotions keeping us stuck we allow. Allowing is the opposite of resist and it opens us up to seeing the truth to where we are at. With this knowledge we can continue forward. 

Recognizing the nature of our behavior as need for something our bodies, minds or hearts are craving. NO SHAME- NO BLAME. 

When we let go of the negative and use compassion and positive emotion to frame where we are heading-we widen our path and get in step with lasting change.

TRUTH. We sometimes shade the truth and judge ourselves. We can't change what we don't admit and will wander without a destination. Locate where you are and where you want to go, progress is the path in between.

This is where we UNLEARN to LEARN.

We do the work to release our old beliefs so we can embrace new ones.  


What are your thoughts & beliefs that are a barrier to this change?

Make a list. Keep going until you can't think of one more. 



This part of the journey is our stepping into the change we desire with a plan. 


  • A commitment to a specific number of days

  • A start date

  • Personalized Rewards 

  • Personalized Motivators

  • Methods for finding positive peer support

A commitment to a specific time frame and start date.

4 weeks, 3 months- it's ultimately up to you but choose a time frame you know you can accomplish. This is all about building on success. 

What truly matters to you? 

Humans instinctually move away from pain and towards pleasure so it's important to get clear on what's unwanted and what's wanted. What will be the positive emotions generated from the goal? 

Tools for this part of the journey:

Non-Negotiables: Decide which behaviors or outcomes you will not tolerate.

Lengthening: When you end your pre-determined time frame, the next step or time frame is decided based on your experience during this transform part.

Personal Rewards: Determine at least three things you will do for yourself when you are successful in this stage.

Personal Motivators: Decide a negative consequence of not adhering to our commitment. This is not about punishment or creating anxiety. It's meant to help you stay on the path you have laid out for yourself.

Using what you learned and recognized from your AWARENESS what will be your challenges?

It's time to develop multiple positive plans to help support you at this time.


Our life is more than just surviving. When we are living into our values & showing up 100% for ourselves and for those that we love we THRIVE.

Conscious to unconscious. 

This is where our new behaviors are automatic. You don't have to think through how to live with the new behavior, it's just something you do.

and then, there is always another new beginning.


Thank you for taking the time to learn about my offerings. I am convinced that all of my education and life experiences were in preparation for the healing and empowerment of like-minded women. It's time to find all that you need - inside of you. 

I look forward to getting to know you better. Please reach out with any questions. 

Namaste- Pamela

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