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Yoga with Props

 I am so glad you are here looking for support and inspiration to live well. 

The practice of Yoga supports physical, emotional, and mental resiliency. 

Yoga lowers our stress levels, but more importantly, it also changes our heart and brain activity. Neurobiology research has proven that the practice of Yoga can shift our normalized knee-jerk reaction response to being in a situation as the observer, a witness so we can choose to respond, not react.


  • a practice of paying attention

  • of integrating our intuition into our everyday life

  • of play

  • of doing hard things

  • of inviting compassion,

  • of connecting to others

  • of letting go of perfect

  • and it's a practice of rest.

Yoga heals, inspires, teaches, and nourishes the warrior within us. Its steady companionship created a space for me to transform my thoughts, my beliefs, and my behaviors. This gift is now a purpose. 

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"BE" breaks. For any time anywhere

Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor

We don't do Yoga to get better at Yoga
We do Yoga to get better at LIFE! 

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