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Do you want to take better care of yourself?

Online Support with Pamela Price

Meet Pamela

Certified Life Coach & E-RYT500 Yoga Instructor

.....I want to take better care of myself too.

My go-do-achieve-you-go-girl

rinse-and-repeat lifestyle depleted me.

.....Do you relate and think-

I am really busy and I don't have

enough time to relax?

I get it, it's the accepted normal response for modern women, and "doing it all" gives us a sense of purpose, even status.  



Be honest----
How is your do-it-all,
multitasking maybe even a bit stressed-out, worried
and anxious life working out for you?

Are you interested in a new normal? 

If you said Yes, you've found a safe space to land and explore doing it differently.

For decades, resilience was my middle name and resting was something I did only to prepare for more "awake" opportunities. Evenings were a 2nd shift space of living and my "achieved days" were awarded well-earned glasses of wine. I was sure doing more was empowered resolve and even tenacious. I was really good at working hard and playing hard.


I've made two crucial and radical changes to how I now live. I gave up my nightly wine and I fully embrace rest. They are the two greatest changes I have ever done for my well-being.


I was aware something had to change, but ignored it, continuing to push and expect more of myself, not less. My first step was to get honest about what I was resisting and avoiding. I held space for my thoughts and beliefs with compassion and curiosity and began to take small actionable steps. 

I feel more alive now than I did in my 20s.  I do less and get to be more...ME....100% me

Now I get to share what I learned and support others in finding and loving 100% of themselves!!


What I Specialize In

Are you ready to say
yes to your well-being?

Let's connect to inspire what's possible