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Are you ready to say YES to your well being?

Online Support with Pamela Price


Meet Pamela

Yoga Nidra Facilitator & Rest Coach, E-RYT500 Yoga Instructor & Alcohol-Free Living Coach

"I understand the demands of modern living and the constant pressure to do it all."

I'm Pamela, a Yoga Nidra Facilitator and Rest Coach, E-RYT 500 Yoga Instructor, and Alcohol-Free Living Coach. For years, I was caught in the cycle of go-do-achieve cycle, leaving me depleted and disconnected. 

Evenings became a second shift, and I relied on wine to reward my accomplishments. I thought doing more was the path to empowerment, and my worthiness was reflected by my achievements until I realized this needed change. 

Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious and use the "I am really busy" excuse to avoid taking care of you? 


Be honest...

How is your do-it-all, multitasking, maybe even a bit stressed-out, worried, and anxious life working out for you?

Are you ready for a new normal?

I've made two radical shifts in my life. Giving up nightly wine and empowering myself through rest. These changes have transformed my well-being. It wasn't easy. I had to confront my resistance and take small, actionable steps toward self-care. Now, I feel more alive than ever before. I've learned to do less and be more me...100% me!

I now share what I've learned and support others in their journey toward self-worth and well-being. If you're ready to change and prioritize yourself, this is a safe space to land in. Explore a different way of living and discover the joy of embracing self-care.

Take your first steps today. Learn more about how I can help you love 100% of yourself. 

Work with me to empower your choices

Let's connect to inspire what's possible

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