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Clarity and Courage

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Getting to place where alcohol was small and irrelevant was not easy for me. I had years of repetition to learn and redefine to get to where I am today. I edited alcohol from my life during three significant times in my life. Not one of these times on their own was able to rewire my thoughts and beliefs about alcohol permanently but when I did choose to alter my drinking lifestyle they were important reminders to what life is like without it.

I gave up alcohol for 21 days to 3 months while; #1. Studying Art abroad in the south of France #2. Preparing my Graduate School Thesis Show and paper. #3. 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Repetition is a powerful learning tool because it helps imprint the thoughts, beliefs or behaviors from the conscious to the subconscious. It’s often through repetition, we practice a skill and over time it gradually becomes easier or even championed. As an artist, yogi and yoga instructor repetition is a magical approach to discovery and development. It is a simple way of relating what is possible. You practice, you improve. You prepare and you accomplish. You commit and you prospers beyond what you thought you had in you. Often, what we think and believe has a greater impact on our actions than what we learn and even feel in our body. It takes effort and work to challenge the stories we believe are true- those repetitive thoughts, feelings and acts that become ingrained into our subconscious. We react and then act from the old patterns. Think about how long it takes to get good at something. When we become aware, get clear and prepare we can change something we don’t believe we can do. Alcohol was an essential part of everyday life. Cooking, celebrating, sharing. I was a "normal" drinker who drank a bottle more often than I wanted. I struggled with wanting to drink less or not at all but feeling deprived when I even considered it. I am not saying that if you drink - you can’t do yoga well, you can’t teach yoga well, you can’t do art in a connected way or teach art and still change lives. What I am saying is I had no idea LIFE would be this much better without it. My history built the case and present proves it. I have been living Alcohol Free since May of 2018. I hope to inspire you to take a break and see how you feel. The most important part is that you choose to do it from a place of curiosity and being a big bold badass. This is not about being deprived. This is about getting empowered. I believe you will love the way you feel. Radiant skin, better sleep, clearer thinking. Shed a few pounds. People will notice. You will notice. Your loved ones will notice. I know the power of taking a break. I also know the ease of staying the same. Choosing to live alcohol free every day is the single best thing I have ever done for myself.

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