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WALKING THE LINE. Stranded and Living Small- NOT ANYMORE!

Updated: Dec 16, 2019


I love lines. Not the ones I get to stand in, but visual and conceptual ones. I love the tar lines on the pavement. I love the lines of the tree limbs, especially of live oaks down south and soft and fluffy snow lined branches in the winter. The lines of a spider web wet with dew. Just about any organic and flowing visual lines get's my attention. In concept, life seems to draw itself out in a linear pathway. We travel, we age, we move from point a to point b over some amount of time. The linear path reveals rich and complicated layers of our life's story.

In the past few years, I have done some of the hardest and most satisfying inner work ever. I'd like to stress the plural years. Not to boast, no not at all. To reveal and share that somewhere in this time frame my perspective switched from a linear to volume. My meandering ways began to weave and then layer from a centered core. This shift inspires me think and behave differently. There is less sense of singular and a more expansive sense of possible.

The first step was getting really honest with myself. Being honest is not always easy or comfortable but an essential key in living life to its fullest 24/7/365. [1] Honesty is the antidote to avoidance and fear of life challenges. Living honest is hard. At least, it was hard for me, at first. It is genuinely getting easier, thanks to a little group of like minded people, my commitment to the work and time.

The next steps began to reveal themselves to me in what at first felt like a normal linear path of discovery. Almost two years later now, I can explain this to you as a matrix of knowledge, people, yoga and trial with errors time; all weaving itself together into the most amazing voluminous experience of life.

I know that our lives are so different from each other, but I also know there are some very basic human commonalities between us. The past two years has shown me that to accept and act from a place of wisdom I needed nurturing support, with a plan. This plan included the getting honest with myself and some new tools to change the way I behave. Those tools provided me simple and actionable steps to examine my own thoughts and beliefs. For so long, I had looked outside of myself for insight and inspiration. This cycle accumulated awareness but not much truthful and responsible action on my part.

I reached a point in my 50's where I knew it was time to get hard core honest and so I did. I needed to make a bold move from judgment, resistance and fear to insight, grace and curiosity. I gave up drinking alcohol. That was part of the first step for me.

My drinking routine kept me stranded in living small. The next steps that brought volumes of empowerment to my thoughts and behaviors are woven into Nourished Warrior. This is the beginning of an exciting new series of offerings for 2020. Please join me for this interactive online workshop. I intend for you to learn simple actionable tools for the thoughts or behaviors that are keeping you stuck.


Pam, PJ, Pamela

[1] Markus Clark, Being Honest

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